3 Ghosts of Fear That Can Lead To Worry

worryHello Lonixe Fam!

I hope you had a splendid weekend? Today we are going to talk about the one emotion we are all familiar with…worry.

Everybody has at some point in their life being in situations where the worry. You worry about your family, friends, business, and life in general. So this emotion is not uncommon; some of us may even be worrying about something right now…

I learnt in school that every action produces a corresponding reaction; this is the case when it comes to worry. Worry is our response or reaction to a particular emotion. Whenever you find yourself worrying about something, you will notice that there is an underlying emotion behind that surface emotion (which is the worry). Often times than not, this underlying emotion is FEAR.

No wonder Napoleon Hill defined worry as ‘a state of mind based on fear’. I love to see it as sustained or unaddressed fear. Whenever we don’t address our fears, they translate to worry. So for us to understand how best to deal with emotions like worry, anxiety and confusion, we must learn how to identify these fears.

So today, we will look at 3 ghosts of fears that can lead to worry. I call them ghosts because that’s what our fears are; most times our fears are illusions that disappear once we face them.

  1. Fear of criticism: to most people, this is their greatest fear; because most times criticism is a direct blow to a person’s self esteem. Receiving criticism from people can leave you feeling awful (even though the critics may be right) because some critics don’t how to separate the action from the person. And most people don’t know how to take criticism without feeling like it is an attack on their person.
  2. Fear of failure: for a very long time, this was my greatest fear; the fear of mediocrity and failing in life haunted me for a good number of years. And I know a lot of people face this same fear. It is a very common fear because most times our actions are driven by this fear. I have also discovered successful people also have this fear; the worry that the higher the climb the ladder of success, the greater their odds of failing.
  3. Fear of losing a loved one: the fear of losing a love one can be one of the most hurtful and unhealthy fear any one can have. I know a lady whose greatest fear was losing her mother. This fear turned into a crazy, obsessive and bitter version of herself.

She would worry if her mother misses her call

She would worry if the phone rang too long before her mum pick.

It was so unhealthy for both her and her mother. Now it may sound funny but most people have this fear; the fear of loosing that special person or the fear of loosing yourself.  Even in relationships, some people are afraid of losing their partner (to breakup or divorce), and the end up becoming crazy, obsessive and jealous….


We have two more ghosts of fear that can lead to worry (which you can read up here), but this is where we will drop the pen today.

Before we go, we would love to know:

What’s your greatest fear?

How do you address this fear?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Love you all…

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