5 Things You Can Tell About a Man from the First Date


Hello Lonixe Fam!

Okay, for some time now, I have been getting emails to write more articles on relationships and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

So this article is basically for the ladies (but the men can take one or two pointers from it)

Going on a date with someone you don’t know can be something else; you want look and act right so you won’t scare off your date. I am of the school of thoughts that our actions speak a lot more about us than our words. I believe there are many things you can tell about a guy from the very first date…I call them ‘tell signs’

BTW…these tell signs are basically for men whose ages fall within 30 years and above…

Okay, enough of the grammar, let’s look at this tell signs together and I would let be the judge at the end…

  1. Check out the shoes…believe me they tell the real story! I have always wondered why the very first thing people look at when they are considering a person’s fashion style is his/her shoes. I discovered later on that shoes don’t lie! I mean you can literally tell a person’s bank account from the shoes.

So if your date is wearing dusty shoes, it could mean a number of things;

  1. a) He is untidy
  2. b) He had to trek a long distance to meet you. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trekking…but it just might mean he is financially dependent (that’s an option you don’t want to rule out)


  1. If when you are meeting him for the first time, he is wearing new clothes and a dirty singlet… Boo, you might want to consider these options!
  2. a) He is a dirty man- when it comes to a person’s hygiene, the inner wears tell the real story. You can literally tell if a man is dirty or not by looking at the inner wears…forget the neatly ironed outerwear, they are just for show!
  3. b) He may be wearing borrowed clothes- yes, that’s another possibility you should consider. Ask yourself ‘if he could afford new outer wears, why can’t he afford a new singlet… the last time I checked, they are cheaper than outer shirts.
  4. c) He is financially dependent


  1. If he tells you he is trying to start a new business and spend the next 30 minutes complaining about how difficult things are…just know one thing- you’ve got a baby in your hands. He should man up and stay up!


  1. If he spends half your date bragging about his numerous ‘sex-capades’ with other women… only one thing should be in your mind- SEX ADDICT. And believe me you don’t want that; because you will always struggle with insecurity, jealousy and infidelity.


  1. If he is still living in his parents’ house…it means he is an emotional and psychological baby. Babies have no business being in relationships, he needs to sort out his emotional and financial state first before coming for you!


Okay guys…this is it! I hope you found this article helpful…let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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