We were all born seed full


I once heard someone say that the greatest miracle ever is the miracle of seeds. How can an orchard be embedded in a seed? How a single seed can birth a forest? Guess what. We were all born loaded with seeds.

Nobody was born without a seed. The problem is we are either ignorant of them or make light of them but tied to these seeds is your manifestation. The names we celebrate today are men and women that discovered theirs, developed and deployed them. That you envy them so much and even wish to be like them shows how very little you know of your seed or its uniqueness. Use that time you waste in wishful thinking to discover your seeds, develop them and put them to use. God in his unfathomable wisdom designed your seed to be unique and distinct to you. No two seed are identically the same. Your seed is fashioned to not only bless and profit you but also the people in your sphere of influence.

The greatest tragedy in life is the death of a seed. The death of a seed is the death of an orchard, forest, orchards and forests. This is why the late Myles Monroe implored everyone to DIE EMPTY. Don’t die with your seed still trapped within you. That is the greatest tragedy. This is why the graveyard is the richest place in the world. There, men and women with immensely great potentials lay with their seeds trapped within them. Your talents, passions and purpose is of no relevance in the grave. Quit the procrastination game. How much time you still have on earth isn’t certain. Engage now and maximize it towards finding and developing your seeds (please, visit here for help on that).

You seed is designed to make you a star. The spotlight can be all yours. Stop trying to shine in someone else’s light. The best you can ever be is YOU

What is your seed? Discover, develop and deploy it.

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