Don’t Complain About It; Change It!

A friend sent me an email some days ago. In the email, she talked about how she felt like a failure because she was yet to achieve any of her set goals this year. I could tell she was very sad and angry with herself from the email.

I know some of us are probably in the same position my friend is. You may be angry with yourself because you are yet to achieve anything in life. Maybe you are struggling with an addiction or battling with depression and you want to break free. Today’s message is for you; let me share some of the things I told her with you.

First of all-stop complaining about it! Yes, that’s right… you can change it! If you can’t change it you won’t complain about it; you will accept it.  For the fact you are complaining about it, it means you can change it.

We are guilty of complaining; that’s the first human response to problems-complaining and excuses. We do this because we don’t want to take responsibility and change the things we need to change.

So instead of complaining about it, the first thing you should do is to break the pattern. Every negative habit follows a pattern, and every positive habit follows a pattern. So if you want to change something you don’t like in your life, you must change the pattern.

To break any pattern, you must change your

  • Confessions
  • Thoughts
  • Decisions
  • Actions

These four areas in our life literally determine our success or failure, our achievement or loss.

I want us to do a little exercise together. Take a time out from worrying and complaining about that problem (Don’t worry, they are not going anywhere), sit down, take a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions

  • What am I saying?
  • What am I thinking?
  • What are my doing?
  • What choices have I been making?

Answer this questions truthfully, don’t mince words, be as honest as you are with yourself (remember, you want to change something)

When you are done with that, start writing down ways you can break the pattern

If you are always talking about your woes, start talking about your success ( no matter how messed up you feel your life is, there is always something good to talk about)

If you are always waking up on very late in the morning, set your alarm and wake up earlier than you use to. Just break the pattern

Now I’m not saying it is going to be easy. Breaking a pattern is never easy; it’s literally reprogramming your body to function another way. You need some motivation to keep you going. So write down what you really want to achieve; let it fuel you. Have a good support system- an accountability partner; someone that will remind you of your resolution and keep pushing you.

Finally and most importantly- get engaged with the word of God. This is one therapy that can never fail me. The more I feed on God’s word; the more energized I get to keep pushing forward in life.

I hope you found this very helpful. I would love to get your feedbacks and know how you are doing.

Have a splendid day!

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