Every Purpose is time bound!

purposeThe common man is not concerned about the passage of time but the man of talent is driven by it – Arthur Schopenhauer

There is a time a time and season for every activity on earth. What is life? I see life as the ultimate race against time. Everything on earth is time bound and the same is true of our purpose and dreams. It has its allotted time. The greatest deceit regarding purpose is that you have all the time to live it. That is not true. There is a season for that purpose and guess what, once that season is passed, you can never get it back

The key is not spending time but investing it – Stephen Covey

In this journey of purpose, master your time and you have mastered your life. Purpose do not have eternity for its completion. It has its seasons. The time for its incubation and the time for its manifestation. The time for training and mentorship and the time to break out and break forth. Do not outrun your time. Take time to discern what season your purpose is in. Is this supposed to be your time of training and equipping or your time of showing forth? Each season is absolutely necessary and shouldn’t be missed. An understanding of the season you are in gives you an understanding of what you ought to do,

Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not – Stephen King

Now the million dollar question is, “have you discovered your life purpose?” A wasted life is one spent out of ignorance of its assignment. An invested life is one spent living and fulfilling its assigned purpose. It is our purpose that makes our life worth living. Do you that you can be alive but not living? You are merely existing. That is possible. It is purpose that makes the difference.

What season are you supposed to be in the calendar of your purpose journey? You may find this helpful though it may not be generally true for every situation. Let’s just call it a rough sketch to help guide you further on this.

1-29years   Morning hours or learning stage (apprenticeship, training, salvation. Mentorship)

30-59years Afternoon Hours or Manifestation stage. This is the climax of your energy. Here you start fulfilling destiny

60-…          Evening Hours   

Friends, this post is not to make you feel bad or sad possibly because of the time you may have wasted. This post is to help you understand the secret of time and show you why you should strive to maximize the time you still have. Don’t waste time regretting your lost time. It only leads to more wasted time. Make use of the time you have.

Remember, you do not have eternity to fulfill your purpose. Start NOW!


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