Finding Treasure In Your Trash

treasureThe best people all have some kind of scar – Kiera Cass

A scar is an evidence or a proof of an injury that once existed which may or may not still hurt. But the more important truth to be drawn is this, “A SCAR ALWAYS HAVE A STORY TO TELL”. What we do with the story our scars can tell or the healing our pain can provide is solely up to us. It is our choice and it is our decision to make.

In our pain, there is healing

In our scars, there is a story

In our trash, there is a treasure

With life, there is always a lesson to be learnt.

What story is your own scar telling?

Joyce Meyer, the president of Joyce Meter Ministries; a Christian author and speaker, was abused as a child and this created a deep emotional dent within her which adversely affected and greatly hindered her especially in her relationships.

These are words…

… During my childhood, I was abused physically, emotionally and sexually. I was bitter about my past and had a chip on my shoulders which caused me to have the attitude that everyone owed me preferential treatment. I was full of self-pity especially if things didn’t go my way. I was controlling. Manipulative, insecure and harsh. I experienced a lot of guilt and condemnation. I had a shame-based nature, therefore everything I attempted was poisoned…

With such a painful and traumatic past, Joyce Meyer had two options; to wallow in self-pity and forever use her painful past to justify her bitterness and mediocrity or rise above it, dig into her trash and find the buried treasure. Joyce Meyer chose the second option and because of that amazing decision, she has been a great blessing to so many people. She has used her pain to provide healing to countless number of people.

This website was born out of the strong desire to see people embrace their uniqueness, love themselves and be proud being and living themselves because growing up, this was something I struggled with. I battled greatly with depression, inferiority complex and the constant desire to be someone else. I made the choice to find healing in my pain

I have come to understanding that the greatest messages are usually borne out of experience. I have come to understanding that usually tied to our cross is our crown. Oh yes, if you will stop for a second and stop looking at your pain from a self-pity angle, you will see a gain. Yes!!!! You will. If someone had ever told me that I will one day help anybody learn to love themselves, I would have laughed it off.

What story is your scar telling? What healing can your pain provide to someone else? We will love to read it in the comment section.


Don’t forget to your friends. We love you.

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