Get better or grow bitter: The choice is yours!


Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the hosts. But anger is like fire, it burns it all clean – Maya Angelou

It is said that a bitter heart eats its owner. Bitterness is anger and disappointment at an offense. The root of bitterness is disappointment. Get rid of the disappointment, you get rid of the bitterness. And if there is no expectation, there will be no disappointment because disappointment is the displeasure and sadness one feels when one’s hope or expectations is not met of fulfilled. But can we really live life without expectations from people? Of course not. The idea is that in your expectations, you take cognizance of the fallibility of the human nature. How disappointed you will get is a function of how much your expectation was. Some people raise the bar of heir expectations so high that when people eventually don’t meet up with it, they become very disappointed and of course, grow really bitter. We have a post that really talked extensively on this issue of expectations and disappointments.

In reality. It is impossible to live life without expectations, therefore it is impossible to live life without disappointment. The reason for this post is to help us learn how to manage these two emotions – Disappointment and Bitterness.

A wise man once told me that as long as you live among humans, it is wise you know that offense is inevitable and therefore resolve to forgive them beforehand. This is mainly to protect yourself. Bitterness is one of the most negative emotion to feel. It is like cancer to the soul. I describe bitterness as one drinking poison hoping that the person that caused the bitterness die. It is just insane and honestly not worth it,

When offended, you have two choice options. To grow bitter or get better. One amazing thing I have learnt about life is that there is always a lesson to be drawn from every experience. You can either draw a lesson, move on, heal eventually and get better or you can wallow in the feeling of hurt, disappointment thus allowing bitterness creep in and eventually spreading through you making you its willful captive. Hey friend, the choice is yours! No situation can ever rob you of that power to choose. You may not have total control of what life throws at you but I bet you that you have complete control over how you react to them and that is what really matters! Life is 10% of what happens to you but 90% of how you respond. Get better or grow bitter. That is your choice to make.

It’s now time for a little introspection. What are those offenses that you are holding onto? Remember, you have a choice. You can learn from them, move on and eventually get better or you can hold onto them, reflect on them and grow bitter. Nobody is worth you becoming bitter. I tell myself that always, nobody is worth it. I love and respect myself enough not to allow bitterness and resentment eat me up.

You are a champion, beautifully and wonderfully created and fashioned for your unique purpose. You can rise above those offenses. Let go of them. Nobody is worth making you bitter

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