The Greatest Magic Ever


A little girl on a visit to her granny’s noticed that some of the plants in the garden were bending. On a closer observation, she noticed that they were not just bending but they were bending towards the direction of sunlight. This pitched her interest and she ran to her granny in excitement to ask her why this was so. The granny answered her, “They do so because they love the sun”.

The little girl was not satisfied with this answer so she asked again, “Why do the love the sun?”. “Because the sun provides them with what they need to grow?” the granny replied her. Still not satisfied with this reply, the inquisitive child asked her granny who was already becoming tired of her incessant questions, “But must they bend towards the sun to take what they need. Can they not do that standing?”. This time around, the granny didn’t have a ready reply.

She took a reflective pause before answering, “Baby girl, everybody and everything bends towards the direction of LOVE and CARE. The sun cares for those plants.” The little girl was pleased with this reply. She left her granny with a huge and contented smile on her face. But what she didn’t realize was that her granny had just revealed to her the greatest magic ever known to mankind.

Where there is love, there is life – Mahatma Gandhi

I know of nothing else that can find treasure in trash, see well in the condemned, find light in the dark if not love. It is only love that can…

Resuscitate what is faint

Heal what is wounded

Mend what is broken

Bring hope to the one that has lost hope.

Resurrect what is dead

Save what is drowning

Find who and what is lost

Love transforms. Love resurrects. Love gives. Love sacrifices. Love cares. Love accepts you for who you are and not what you are. Everything blossoms in love. Everything thrives in love. Everything grows in love. Everybody bends towards love and care. Some people mask this need with indifference and aloofness but deep down, there is a strong yearning for this magic. Everybody deserve to be loved!

The fans deserve as much love as the celebrities 

The boy with pipe dreams deserve as much love as the man who has earned a spot on Forbes list

The ruled deserve as much love as the ruler

The slave deserve as much love as the master

The girl child deserve as much love as the boy child

 The woman deserve as much love as the man          

Love should not be given on the basis of what we have or what we are. Love should be given based on who we are and we are humans worthy and deserving of love. I once asked a friend why he chose to marry a particular lady. His response had me thinking. “She knew me before the fame and wealth and still loved me. I am certain she loves me not for what I am but for who I am. She sees me.

Everybody wants to be loved and cared for. Everybody deserves to be loved. Show love to someone today. Live a love life


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