Learning To See Beyond Your Sight

sightSight is what your eyes produce. Vision is what your heart produce. Never let what you see affect your vision – Shandren Reddy

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist – Oscar Wilde

If you don’t have a vision, you are going to be stuck in what you know and what you know is what you have already seen – Iyanla Vanzant

Sight is what our eyes conceive but vision is what our heart conceives. The people that changed their world and greatly affected the world were people that birthed to reality what was considered impossible by so many. They were men and women that learnt to see beyond their sight. They saw with the eyes of their hearts.

In 1485, a young man by the name Leonardo Da Vinci imagined a flying device that can actually transport people. He drew the detailed plans of this device that his heart conceived. When he shared it with people, they did not only think it impossible but they thought he was going insane. A flying transportation device? Oh no! Their minds could not grasp such. But in 1903, two brothers proofed that if you can see it, then it is possible. The wright brothers invented the airplane.

Tony Onyemaech Elumelu as a young graduate that was serving his country Nigeria in the national youth service once stood in front a bank and after staring at it for a while, turned to his friend and said “I will one day own a bank”. What his heart saw then, became the reality of today. Today, he is the chairman of United Bank of Nigeria (UBA), heirs holding, transcorp and the founder of tony elumelu foundation.

Walt Disney saw the Disney world long before it became a reality. In fact, he didn’t even live to see it become a reality but he did see it. How? He saw it in his heart clearly and vividly. He walked round the park in his mind and experienced it in his heart. Even when so many of the people he worked with thought his imaginations were too wild and impossible to realize, he held on to the vision of his heart. Today, the Disney world is a reality.

Nothing is impossible if your heart can see it. Don’t be afraid of wild imaginations. The people with wild imaginations are the people the world label geniuses. Engage your mind in creative thinking. Imagine. Create. Think. See with your heart and don’t forget if you can see it, then you can realize it.

I hope this charges you to start seeing beyond your sight.

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