Love Is Free…Trust Isn’t

Love Is Free…Trust Isn’t

‘It costs you nothing to love, but everything to trust…

Have you ever loved someone and you can’t explain why you love that person? Or in love with someone who don’t love you back? It happens…

Love is a feeling of strong or constant attraction to someone. Sometimes we can’t explain love.  for example, the love of a family; we love our children, siblings and parents not necessary because they’ve done anything to deserve that love…but because we just feel that strong connection or attraction with them

Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody needs to be loved… that’s how important love is. Love is the arguably the basis of our relationships, but can it sustain a relationship?

Love is free…but trust isn’t. You can love a person and sometimes not be able to explain why, but you can’t trust blindly.

Trust is a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest and effective. Trust isn’t free because it entails letting go; that’s why it is easier to love someone even when they betray you than it is to regain a broken trust.

Love may be a necessary factor in relationships, but the glue that holds every relationship together is trust. Trust sustains love; this means that no matter how much you love someone, if there is no trust the relationship is doomed to fail.

Trust is expensive and when broken can be hard to regain; because trust exposes our vulnerability to others, but believes they will not use it against us.

Trust arms others with the very weapons to destroy you, but believes they won’t use it on you.

So yes…trust isn’t free because it involves integrity; and when integrity is questioned, it is really hard to trust again.

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