Loving the Angel; Embracing the Beast

Love the angel; embrace the beast. Praise the beauty; be patient with the flaws because no one is perfect and in our futile efforts to search for something that is non-existent, we have lost the true gifts in our lives.

There’s a strength in every man to be adored. There’s a weakness in every man to be learned. In a time where relationships grow sour and friendships are torn as soon as they start, these truths are what we need. In every one is a seed of uniqueness. A wise man once called it the DNA that carries your uniqueness. Sometimes, we crush this seed in others or make it dormant through our unending ridicules and hurtful comparisons.

Why can’t you be like Iyke?

If it was Jane, she would have known better…

Why must you laugh in that manner…?

My ex is more romantic than you. You need him to school you in that…

Why can’t you cook like my mother?

Why aren’t you as hardworking as my father?

In the process of comparing and contrasting, we not only hurt the gifts Life has blessed us with but we also strip from ourselves treasures that would have unveiled with time if we were only patient and learned. I once told a friend that the only reason people try so hard to change someone into another is simply because of ignorance. If only they know that though gold when in its ore is meshed with sand doesn’t it any less valuable and desirable. If only they know that there is great beauty in our flaws and differences.

Don’t change yourself for anyone! Be YOU and do YOU. Grow to be the best of YOU but not using someone else as a standard of measurement. Smile that way. Laugh that loud. Walk that step – it’s part of what of makes you distinct and there’s someone out there that will, just like magnet, be drawn to it. Fantasies are not bad. But in your fantasies, be real. Give room for flaws, defects and weaknesses because they are part of what makes us human.

Until you learn to see yourself as gold even when meshed with sand, nobody will. Love yourself. Trust me, that love is more than enough.



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  1. Tracy says:

    I’m touched

  2. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this
    post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
    You are amazing! Thanks!

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