Relax…It’s Only a Phase


I love poems. I love the air of mystery that surrounds poems, and often times, I have seen them as the best way to express myself.

So today message is in a poem. To all my fellow poets out there, I hope you find this poem very helpful!


Head thudding, heart beating

‘Tomorrow come, tomorrow come’

I can virtually hear my heart singing

I lie awake trying hard to swallow this growing lump

Pain and grief- two pestering visitors

They push us to look only at the moment

They walk around our heads with the ease of realtors

And you are left wondering if you will ever be free of their torment

But tomorrow will come

Tomorrow will pass

And you will see that the pain is no more

Replaced by an enviable feeling of peace

Relax my friend-it is only but a phase…


In our dark clouds, it sometimes look as if the pain will never go away,; but the truth is no matter how strong the tidal wave rage, it will surely pass. Our trying moments, disappointments, embarrassments and fears are phases that will surely pass…

Have a splendid day!!


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