When You See The Glory, Ask Of The Price Paid

price paid

There is no prize without a price

There is no crown without a cross

There is no success without a sacrifice

There is no rose without the thorns

The is no medal without a race

To make a gain, you must take a pain

This is a reality of life!

So many times, we fixate on the glory that comes with success and accomplishments and we forget to ask of the price needed to be paid. There is a sacrifice to make for every dream you want to realize. Success is incomplete without sacrifice. The sacrifice you must make translates differently depending on the success you want to achieve. Wishful thinking never begets anything. Do you still remember the old proverb, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. It was true then and is still true now.

  • “That lady has 3 kids and still look that amazing. I wish I had her body”

Well, it took her excruciating workout sessions to get rid of her pregnancy weight and get that body. It still takes a great deal of discipline and lifestyle changes for her to maintain that body (PRICE)

  • “My work colleague is always praised for his punctuality. He is always on time!!!”

It demanded a lot of sacrifice and discipline from him to make punctuality a habit and a lifestyle. Of course, like every other person he experience the urge to make excuses and show up late. Discipline made the difference though (PRICE)

  • “I really wish I could play the guitar as skillfully good as that young man. He is practically a guitar god”

It took him long hours of constant practice to be that skillful. Habitual learning and relearning to be a guitar god (PRICE)

Every dream is realizable. Every target is reachable. Every success is achievable. Every goal is attainable. Every height is reachable. The question is, “Are you willing to pay the price?” To be a Bill Gate came with a price. To be a Mark Zukerberg came with a price. To be a Beyoncé came with a price. To be a Billy Graham came with a price. To be an Oprah Winfrey came with a price. To be a Henry Ford came with a price. To be an Albert Einstein sure came with a prize.

What most people don’t know is that underlying the success they see is: sacrifice, persistence, hard work, dedication, disappointments, depression, dejection, good habits, long nights, extensive studying and research… these made the foundation of that success. They are what really matter. They are what you should strive to find out!

Every success can be replicated provided you are willing to pay the price


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