They See You The Way You See You

identityIt is your perception of WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE that determines HOW YOU ARE. It is not what people think of you that matters but what you think of yourself that truly matters. Our life is based on who we think we are

The human mind is so powerful that it can either be an asset or a liability but that depends on how it is trained. Who do you see yourself as in your mind eye because that is exactly how the world around you will see you. As human beings, we are living magnets that pull to ourselves who we are and who we perceive ourselves as.

Now let’s try this…


  • You are who you see yourself as
  • You are who you perceive yourself as
  • You are who you believe in your heart that you are
  • You are who you have accepted that you are
  • You are who you see in your inner life circle

Can you now see that who you are is a perception and a mentality, an image, a picture and a belief that was affirmed and confirmed by you and held strongly to by you?

What makes a beggar is not the fact that he begs but because he sees himself in his mind as a beggar and believes in his heart that he is a beggar. To beg is simply to ask for help or assistance.  There are people that ask for your help that you cannot even dare to label beggars because they do not see themselves that way. No wonder Eleanor Roosevelt said this, “Nobody can disrespect you without your permission”

What makes one a loser is not because he/she experienced some failures. Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey all had failure stories. What makes you a loser is that you see yourself as one.

We are living magnets and we do not pull only people and situations to ourselves but we also pull responses from them. This is why you see someone address a person so rudely and harshly but address another with caution and respect.

The question now is, “how do I build the right self-image?” First understand that you are an invention and a work of art. You are a master piece that was created and have a creator. Thomas Edison had a need for which he created the electric bulb. He is the right person to say the value of the electric bulb. As the inventor, whatever value he places on the electric bulb is what really maters. Our creator in Psalm 139:14 said that you are fearfully, remarkably and marvelously made. You are master piece! Unique and purposeful. Greatness and originality is in your makeup. It is not who you are trying to be but who you were fashioned to be. Celebrate yourself in that knowledge.

Start seeing yourself as you ought to because who you see yourself as is who the world will see you as.

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