Success Is Always Viewed From A Perspective…


What is success?

How do I know if I am successful?

These are some of the questions people ask whenever success is being discussed; I even had a similar conversation with a friend the other day. My friend believes that success is any achievement that has a positive effect on others. She likened success to the legacy the likes of Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gate, Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama and others have left.

While this is a wonderful definition of success, is it really what success is all about?

I can remember my days in school; the good old days of high school and college. Our parents and teachers drilled us on the need to study hard and make good grades. The importance of doing well was so emphasized that I actually thought that was all I needed to know about success.

I studied, carried out school researches, and worked really hard to make good grades because I wanted to be successful.

For as long as I can remember I have always been conscious of my body. I am not particularly fat (actually I believe I am slim…thanks good diet and long distance walks!) but I was self conscious.  I remember some years ago when I was really consumed with the idea of losing weight, I worked out, dieted and I practically read every article there was on weight loss. At that point, I wanted nothing more than to lose weight…that to me was success…

What’s my point?

Success is a matter of perspective; it is to ‘different people different things at different times’.

Success is not just achieving something that is valuable to others. No, that definition is flawed because what you consider valuable to you may not be valuable to others. My weight loss was success to me, while it may add very little or no value to others, it was what I wanted…

Success is achieving that laid down goals YOU have set for yourself. Success starts with YOU.

We are different people with different goals and aspirations. What excites may not be what excites another. It’s time we stop measuring success with a particular yardstick; be it money, fame, power or grades…because when we do that, we ignore our differences as humans.

To some woman out there, success is getting married and raising a family of her own. She is not interested in being overly wealthy or ambitious; she wants a happy home.

Another woman may see this as being unfulfilled. Instead, she wants the fame, power, and money…family is a bonus.

From the little illustration, we can see how different these women and their view on success are. None is more than the other because at the end of the day, they are doing what makes them happy….and isn’t that what success is all about?

The goal of success is to make you happy; it is the reward of doing what makes you or will make you happy.

If being an academia makes you happy, then go for it

If being an entrepreneur makes you happy- go for it

Maybe you want to settle down and raise your family…if that makes you happy, go for it!

There is no scale for measuring success; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be happy. Live your dreams. Be successful


Hello friends! I would love to know what your own version of success  is in the comment below. I am excited to get your feed backs

Have a splendid day!



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