Where Talent Cannot Take You, Humility Can


Hello Lonixe Family!

Whew! It has indeed been a long while. Like a really very long while… I have missed you guys and most especially, I have missed reading your comments. I will love to know what you all have been up to so please leave a comment with regards to that. Did you miss me as much as I have missed you? I hope it is a YES! Well don’t forget to leave a comment. I honestly love reading your comments.

I myself have certain things up my sleeves. I started attending fashion designing classes and in the course of it, I met this amazing woman who in my opinion is a fashion god and an amazing tailor so I approached her for mentorship. What I was yet to realize then was that beyond her fashion expertise, she was a woman of great wisdom.

Working with her on many occasions, I was oblivious of the fact that she was studying me. So one day, she called me and started conversing with me. She asked me questions like who my role model was. I replied her that my role model was Jesus. She asked why and I told her it’s because Jesus is everything I want to be. She nodded in understanding and then told me a bitter truth. One that was definitely not pleasant to hear…

“Do you know that you can be beautiful, handsome, intelligent, rich, classy, and creative, super talented, spiritual, skilled and confident without being proud and arrogant? Yes you can. Jesus was.”

I just stared at her in confusion because I was yet to understand the direction the conversation was heading and why it took that turn. She continued…

“Do you know you can be confident but still humble? Oh yes you can. Jesus was confident but still remained humble”

By this time, I was beginning to understand the point she was trying to make.

“You must understand this. Humility can take you to where talent cannot take you. Humility can fetch you what even money cannot fetch you. No matter how high you climb, remain humble. The fall of so many great people can be traced back to PRIDE. Humility allows you learn. Humility makes you teachable. Humility gets you favor from men because even a proud man cannot stand another proud man. A person with nobody to answer to is a disaster waiting to happen. Remain humble.”

Her words were like hammer to my soul. They didn’t do my ego any good but deep down, I knew those words were the painful truth aimed at making me a better version of myself. The most effective pills are usually the bitter. They may not appeal to our taste buds but they are effective nonetheless. I knew that I had what I call false humility. It was not genuine. Somehow I knew that but ignored it. This is why we must have people around us that care about us enough to tell us the bitter truth regardless of how it may make us feel.

Mind you, humility does not equate to stupidity. Like my wise mentor said, “You can be confident and still remain humble.”

Now friends, don’t you think humility is a virtue worth having? Well remember to leave a comment. Share with us your own take on humility.  DON’T FORGET TO SHARE.

Love you guys.

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  1. godson samuel says:

    very true talk

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