The Best Time To Start Is Now!


Time is an invaluable resource which once lost can never be regained. So whatever it is you desire to do, whatever dream you want to pursue, whatever target you want to hit, the best time to start is NOW.

There is a thief of time called procrastination. Procrastination is born out of the idea that we have all the time in the world and while it leaves us in that delusion, it slowly but inevitably steals the time we have presently. The day you call TODAY is constantly changing. The day you call TOMORROW is also constantly changing. What it shows in effect is that TIME is always in constant motion and never waits for anyone. That day you have lost, you have forever lost.

Have you not actually noticed that the excuses you give today are the excuses you will give tomorrow? Today’s excuses are the ancestors of tomorrow’s and the predecessor to future mediocrity. So you want to know the best time to start? It is NOW. We must understand the brevity of life and we must understand the value of time. The psalmist understood these two things and so he made it a heart longing (psalm 90:12). He wanted to learn how to number his days because there is great wisdom in learning that.

Procrastination will rob you of your time and can rob you of your joy. The best and the most effective way to overcome procrastination remains to start now! Quit postponing events. Give words like “later, after, tomorrow, not now, in the future, maybe…” a rest. In fact, take them away from your vocabulary. The truth is it was you by yourself and by your own doing that programmed yourself into procrastination. You also can program yourself out of procrastination. The “DO IT NOW mentality is where the real victory and joy is.

Some people excuse for procrastinating is that they are waiting for the right time. The question should be, when is the right rime? What is your definition of “right time”? That time you will consider as right may never come. The right time is NOW. Remember, Today’s excuses are the ancestors of tomorrow’s and the predecessor to future mediocrity.

Take out a note right now and write down those dreams of yours that you have laid off for the future. The outcome of your future is a consequence of today’s actions. If you procrastinate today, you will procrastinate tomorrow and the day after that till that time it finally dawns that TIME was never waiting for you

Take up the reins of your life. Take up the responsibility for your success and happiness. Program yourself out of procrastination. Build the “DO IT NOW” mentality. See you at the top, friends


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