The Opportunity You Are Looking For Is Outside

The Opportunity You Are Looking For Is Outside

Man by design is created to be co-dependent; that is to say ‘we need each other to survive’… I always buttress the importance of working in a team to young entrepreneurs I am privilege to meet. You may have vision… but you need of like- minded people who will contribute their own quota towards achieving the dreams.

With that in mind, I think it is important we understand the need for human relationships. A wise man once said ‘your greatest asset is not your money, but the people you have’…they are your connections. These connections are people who will give you the opportunity or resource you need to finance your dreams.

How do you get this connection? By interacting with people!

Opportunities are found outside; they are not found inside our rooms or closet. You have to interact with people to get those opportunities. I say this because I have seen so many dreamers waste away because they can’t go ‘outside’ to fulfill their dreams.

They spend their time writing down their brilliant ideas and withdrawing from human interaction. We must get this point- we need people! No matter how good you believe you are, the fact is you will need people.

Men are always tools God use to bring your blessing; when God wants to bless us he sends a man. Stop expecting the opportunity to fall from heaven, it is with someone. You will never know who is in need of your service till you ask….

Now some of you may be thinking right now ‘I am socially awkward by nature, how can I force myself to be who I am not?

Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand that people have different temperaments and some people’s temperament can be an added advantage in terms of socialization. But I also want you to understand that the study of our human temperament is not to limit our minds into believing that we are born a certain way and so cannot adjust to changes. The study of our temperaments is to help us understand ourselves better; our strengths and weaknesses and make optimal use of them.

Nobody can argue that he or she is un-adjustable; we are humans and that very fact alone makes us adjustable. You can make the decision to interact more with people because you have the power of choice. You don’t need to be as social as a sanguine to meet people and interact with them.

My point is this; don’t spend time penning down your dreams and doing nothing. You can’t lock yourself away from human interaction and expect to meet an opportunity. No, the opportunity you are looking for is outside and I say ‘go get it!’


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