The Spotlight Can Be All Yours


No one can reign best in someone else’s shadow. You shine brightest when you are being YOU. You are in your very own unique spot therefore the spotlight is all yours.

Every purpose comes with its own crown and glory. Discover yours. Pursue it. Reign in it. Your purpose is unique to you and you were fashioned in such a way that everything you will ever need to live that purpose is in you.  The fact that you may not think so possibly because you feel worthless and inadequate doesn’t rule out the fact that you are a complete package. The problem isn’t that all the potentials you will need to live your purpose is not in you. The problem is that you are yet to discover them and you cannot maximize these potentials beyond your level of awareness and knowledge. That is one of the primary aim of this website. To help you discover YOU and live YOU because that is where the true beauty of life is.

I am ME. I can only be the best of ME. I am good enough. I am not an afterthought. I am irreplaceable although dispensable. I have a life purpose that is distinct and unique to me. There is no other version of me in the entire world. My uniqueness even extends to finger prints. Wow!!! I am indeed wonderfully and fearfully made. I AM A MASTER PIECE

The realization of this does something tremendous to our mind. It changes the way we see not just ourselves but others. It affects our perception of life. Understanding that the death of you means the absolute delete of someone like you with your unique gifting and abilities from this world changes the way you live life. You stop existing and then truly start living. No wonder a very wise man refereed to the graveyard as the richest place in the world because so many great potentials lay there untapped and never discovered. Understanding that you are a master piece created to be unique and distinct makes you confident about yourself. It makes you stop comparing yourself with others, imitating others and wishing to be like someone else. Understanding that we are all ORIGINALS makes you appreciate other people the more. It makes you see the need to treat others with respect irrespective of what they have.

Do you desire the spotlight to be all yours? Learn you, love you and then live you. I will strongly advise you read the post learning yourself. It is beyond amazing and I am certain you will find it very helpful. At this point, I need you to take out a note and a pen and start answering these questions. Please do answer them.

  • What is it that you desire out of your life?
  • If you had the power to change yourself, who will you want to be?
  • What the reasons why you desire to be this person?
  • In a tabular format, write down the things you love about yourself and the things you do not like so much

Now for you to actually live out those desires of yours and be really happy and contented with it, you must learn yourself. Amplify your strengths not your weaknesses. The weaknesses are to be worked on not used as a condemnation factor. Remember, the only person you were designed to be is the best of YOU. So quit unnecessary comparisons. Comparison is a thief of joy.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GREATNESS. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. YOU ARE ROYALTY. It doesn’t matter if you feel like that or believe it. It is who you are not who you are becoming. Start living in that knowledge.


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