Time to have a chat with yourself!


The only person you should ever desire to be is the very best of yourself. That is when you excel best and that is only when the spotlight can be all yours. It is about time you come to the understanding that tied to your individuality is your importance. You have yourself to live with forever, so get comfortable.

“A chat with myself” is an exercise I do habitually especially when I feel low or confused. I find it deeply therapeutic and helpful. I have decided to share it with you guys. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

For this exercise to be effective, you need to be very honest and sincere in answering the questions.

  1. What are my fears? Am I scared of the future? Am I scared of being mediocre? Remember that fear is an emotion that is manifested through other emotions. Just like anger, it is an ‘underlying’ emotion
  2. What are my strength and weakness? Everybody has them.
  3. What seeds am I born with? Your gifts and talents? Can you sing, dance, act, motivate, or even paint? The problem is that we most times are ignorant of them or make light of hem but tied to those seeds is our manifestations.
  4. What are your passions? What is that which you can do tirelessly for hours most times without wanting to stop? What is that which you need little or no motivation to keep doing even when it yields you no profit? We were all wired for our purpose. Our passions, likes and preferences are all joined to our purpose.
  5. If you had just 10 minutes left to spend on earth, what will be your regrets? What will be your legacy? Can you pass on with very little or no regrets? Friend, the dead will give anything for just 10mins on earth jut to correct their wrongs but that is a request that will never be granted. Maximize your time here.
  6. Who can people say I am? The worst life to life is one spent on just gratifying “ME, MYSELF AND I”. That is a selfish life and a selfish life is very depressing. Do you know why purpose makes life fulfilling? Because it has to do with people! Helping people and influencing them
  7. How can I strengthen my strengths? Pay no attention to your flaws and focus on making the strengths stronger. What you starve attention suffers a natural death.
  8. How can I develop my seeds? People place more value on finished products than its raw form. Develop and polish your seeds
  9. How can I deploy my seeds? How can I put them to use?
  10. How can I use my purpose, talents, passions, gifting… all to Gods glory?

All you have was given to you by God. What you are is a steward. A steward of that vision, those talents, those dreams, that purpose… manage them well all to Gods glory. Purpose first GLORIFIES GOD before it profits you and the world around you


We love you guys deeply and greatly. Don’t forget to share

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