The True Measure Of Life

life A man’s life is not measured by what he has but by the impact he made in the world around him. This explains why an obituary does not show what the person had but the lives he had influenced.

A wise man once said, “The richest place in the world is the graveyard”. I completely agree with that statement because in the graveyard lie books not written, songs not sang, poems not composed, talents not discovered, inventions not invented, discoveries not made, films not produced. In the graveyard lie national transformers, powerful inventors, great missionaries, amazing teachers that the world never got to see and whose impact the world will never feel. In the graveyard are wealth that will never be discovered.

When I go to a burial service, I mourn not just for the life lost but I mourn more for what died with the person. That may have been the person with the cure for cancer. That may have been a person with songs that will mend and heal broken spirits. Together with the dead man is a lost potential that will never be discovered. So I mourn for that unique gift the world will never experience. That is the real tragedy.

When this reality dawned on, I made the resolution to DIE EMPTY. I vowed to empty myself of every potential and solutions I carry before sojourning to my creator because that is what makes a fulfilled life. That is what defines an invested life. You have a choice to make. To live a wasted life, a spent life or an invested life.

What if Steve Jobs had died with the apple invention?

What Walt Disney had died with idea of Disney World?

What if Thomas Edison had died with the invention of the electric bulb?

What if Nelson Mandela lived and died as an ordinary man without living his purpose?

What if Albert Einstein had died with all his ideas and inventions?

What if Martin Luther King Jnr died without pursuing his passion and dream of seeing an America free of racial discrimination?

These men lived an invested life and their investments in their world still speak for them even long after their deaths.

Everyone has something to give to their world. Everyone was created as a complete package. You just need to discover and develop your potentials. Then use them to better your world.

The world is waiting for you. DIE EMPTY

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