What True Success Really Is

successSuccess is first who you are before it is what you have. You have got to first be it in order for you to have it. Genuine success starts from within.

So many people equate success to tangible and visible manifestations which is not really false but isn’t entirely true. The problem with that line of thought is that it makes people pursue these visible outcomes that they define as success and neglecting the real truth about success in the process. This births a success that is without foundation and one that is short lived. I emphasize again, genuine success start from within you.

This purpose of this post is to help you understand what true and lasting success really entails and to help start operating in the light of that understanding.

Our success in life is the ultimate average of the success we are making within. It is your success within that determines your success without because the success within creates the platform and foundation for the success without. The type of success without that you desire to desire to see is an indication of the type of success within you need to make. What I am sharing with you is an irrefutable principle if you desire to achieve not just any kind of success but one that is long lasting, transportable and portable. When you see an unhealthily fat man eventually lose some weight to look trim and fit, the success you now see (a healthy looking man) is a product of some internal success he has managed to make (healthy feeding lifestyle and workout regime). Now it is this success within that determines how long he will manage to keep the weight off (how long he will enjoy the success without). When you see a truly successful man or woman with longevity to attest to that success, the success you see is a product of the success they have made within. This success within may include some disciplines like early rising, meditation and prayer, voracious reading and studying, proper feeding lifestyle, persistence and perseverance, training and other necessary disciplines. How long they will maintain this success you see is dependent on how much success they have made within them. The same way the height of a building, its strength and durability is dependent on its foundation is the same way the success we make without is greatly dependent on the success we make within

True success first starts from the mind. It first starts from our thinking pattern. This is why I need to stress this point, YOU ARE ALREADY A SUCCESS NOT A SUCCESS IN THE MAKING. At every point in time, the circumstances surrounding us is a reflection of who we are and the truth is you are who you think you are not who others think you are.

So now is the time for a little but vital introspection (jot down your answers in a note)

  • What success without do you desire?
  • What are the necessary disciplines you think is necessary for you to realize this dream of yours? Remember, there is no prize (success without) without a price (success within). Discipline subjects you to the demands of your vision.
  • What are the practical steps you will take to attain imbibe these necessary habits and disciplines?
  • Start now!

What then is true success? True success is one that starts within and then manifest without. True success is one with a foundation that guarantees its longevity, sustainability and growth. True success will not only take you to the top but will keep you there. Meet you at the top, friends.


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