Understanding Purpose, Vision, Dreams and Goals

understanding purpose, vision,goals

Understanding purpose and vision goes a long way in eliminating the unnecessary need for comparison. Understanding that your purpose is unique and distinct to you does a great thing to your confidence. Every vision and purpose comes with its own crown and glory. None is inferior to the other. Discover yours and pursue it. That is what makes a life worth living. Discovering purpose and pursuing it.

Purpose: Purpose is the underlying reason for which an invention was made. It answers the question “WHY?” The purpose of a thing is synonymous to the service it will offer. Your life purpose tells what you will contribute to the world. Everybody has something to offer because everybody has a unique and distinct purpose. Purpose ignites passion but vision enables you to pursue that purpose.

Some illustrations to help you understand better

  1. Mark Zukerberg created Facebook

Why? – To connect the world.

The answer to the question ‘why’ is the purpose for which Facebook was created

  1. A group of friends with like passion started a website called LONIXE

Why? – To help people embrace their differences and uniqueness because it’s their trademark

The answer to the question ‘why’ is the purpose of the website LONIXE

  1. Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb

Why? – To produce light from electricity

That answer is the purpose of the electric bulb

When an electric bulb stops fulfilling it purpose of producing light, it is tossed away because it has become meaningless. Purpose gives meaning to our lives, a purpose driven life is definitely one worth living. Purpose is different from ambition. One defining characteristic of purpose is that it is SELFLESS. It is not about you. It is about contributing and rendering service to others. From the three illustrations we gave, you can clearly see that.

Vision: Vision answers the question “What is your destination?” or “what do you see?” Vision means foresight. If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there. Vision is a means to fulfilling purpose. It makes purpose more definite and concrete. Thomas Edison wanted to create light from electricity (purpose), so he created the electric bulb (vision). A nephrologist wants to heal (purpose) and what he sees is a world where people with kidney diseases no longer need dialysis or human transplants, but are able to live full life via another therapeutic cure (vision).

A group of friends desire to see people confident with themselves and fully embracing their differences (purpose). What they see is an empire doing just that through various platforms (vision). A lady desires to make people feel more confident and comfortable with themselves (purpose). What she sees is a fashion empire making and designing wears that will achieve just that (vision).

Dreams: Dreams answer the question “As what?” Dreams are platforms. The common mistake most people make is to assume dreams to be an end. Dreams are means to achieving an end. They are platforms for fulfilling purpose and visions. To be a world celebrated Footballer is a dream. You can achieve that and still feel empty and irrelevant. Purpose adds spice to life. Been a celebrated footballer should be a platform to achieve something greater and selfless. The distinct difference between Purpose and dream is that dream is about pleasing self (selfish) but purpose is about pleasing others (selfless)

I want to be a famous singer – DREAM

What do you do with that? –PURPOSE

I dream to be a bestselling author?

What do you do with that? – PURPOSE

Goals: Goals answer the question “What steps?” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Goals are the individual steps needed to be taken in order to achieve your dream. They make dreams less conspicuous and easily attainable. They also prompt us to take action. If your dream is to be a decorated actor, you may need to first get enrolled into an acting school or go for an audition. Bottom line is, you will need to take an action towards achieving that ream.

Hope you found this helpful. We will love to know your thoughts and inputs on this.


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