Valuable Lessons I Got from Keith Harrell’s ‘Attitude Is Everything’


Hello guys! So for this week, I read a book from my personal library- Keith Harrell’s attitude is everything. And I must say I am so in love with this book! I can remember back then in college when I failed two major courses, this book helped me redefined my attitude to life and rise above that failure.

And so when I read it again, I decided to share with you some valuable life lessons I got from the book. Enjoy!

  • Sometimes people tell you what you can’t do because they don’t see themselves achieving it; but the magic of the word ‘triumph’ is in the first syllable. You’ve got to try.
  • The problem is that we often forget we have a choice. It is one of the master keys to unlocking your greatness in life. We must choose our attitude thoughtfully because it determines how you respond to the many challenge you will encounter.
  • For true happiness, it is best to look within yourself, rather than rely on others or the world around you. The root of happiness is joy, and joy lives within you. It is not influenced by external events.
  • The key to ridding yourself of this attitude of helplessness is to clear your mind of inner conversations and replace them with hopeful messages. You can reframe your perspective by changing and controlling your inner dialogue.
  • The loudest and most influential voice is your own inner voice-your ‘self critic’. It can work for you or against you depending on the message you allow.
  • The ability to recognize our feelings as they come over us is called self-awareness, and it is crucial to our development in a highly mobile, fast-changing and complex society.
  • We are not permanently burdened with the baggage of our pasts. We can leave that baggage behind. It’s okay to clean out the suitcases and take the good stuff that wears well; the happy memories, the hard-earned experiences, the lessons learned and the joy of love. But the rest of it; the sad times, the loneliness, the broken heart, rejection and fear… we don’t need them. They only mess up your attitude and your life. Leave it on the door step of the past and step into the future.
  • History does have to repeat itself, not if you adjust your attitude by turning away from the doors that are closed and walk through the doors that are opened to opportunity.
  • There are benefits to be found in almost anything that happens to you. Sometimes they are not always obvious right away. But if you take a long term perspective and understand that what is happening right now is only a temporary thing, you will be less likely to become embittered or develop a negative attitude because of things
  • There are three things to remember when faced with a major challenge:

It is not going to last forever. It is not going to destroy you. You are not the only one it has happened to…

  • How do you prepare yourself to deal with things you can’t control? By focusing on those things that you can control, and by being determined to get a positive result out of even the most negative experience.


Attitude is everything….it determines if you will a live a miserable life or a happy life; and that’s why I find this book very useful….

I have learnt to face life’s challenges with the attitude of winning. I’m not going to pretend that sometimes I am tempted to worry; but when I remember that problems don’t last forever, it gives me hope to keep pressing towards the sunny day.

Keith Harrel may be late (God bless his soul), but he has changed my life and for that I am thankful.

I hope you found this article very helpful. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Have a nice day!



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