What is driving your vision?


Vision is a picture of a preferred future/ it is the mental image of who and where you want to be. What drives your vision is what motivates you. What drives your vision is what will sustain it and what sustains it determines the longevity of that vision.

There are three things that can drive a vision and each with its own sustainability power.

The source of the vision

The visionary

Other People.

Like I said earlier, each of these three can drive a vision but their sustainability power varies. I will take them each for better understanding and clarity.

SOURCE OF THE VISION: No vision was sourced by any man. The visionary is the receiver of the vision not the giver. The same way a tree is sustained by its source (root) is the same way everything is sustained by its source. A vision given by an eternal God is ought to be sustained by him. This is the most powerful driving factor of any vision because it has the greatest sustainability power but it is often ignored by man because of our “I CAN DO IT ALL BY MYSELF” mindset.

THE VISIONARY: This is the most embraced driver of vision. So many times when we catch a vision, we immediately run off with it ignoring the source of the vision; and because of the frailty and limitation of the human person, we eventually run out of zeal and motivation. When this happens, for some it means the death of that vision and for others it means a very long pause in the realization of that vision.

I believe in the power of the human person. I believe in the greatness and creative power in humans; but I also acknowledge the fact that no human is all powerful. Only God is. This is why this as a driver of vision is not really the best because when the visionary runs out of drive or dies, the vision automatically dies.

A vision is designed to outlive the visionary and this is even the more reason why the first is the most powerful and most effective driver of vision. Like the great Apostle Paul who had a vision far greater than him said in one of his letters, “in my weakness he is made strong” (2 Cor12:9)

PEOPLE: This is the most disappointing and undependable driver of vision. Using people’s opinion as a driver of your vision is a sure way not to see that vision live long. People’s opinion like their emotions are unsteady and always in motion.

When we started this website, there was a period we depended on people’s feedback and comments concerning the website as a source of motivation which is not entirely bad but it is not dependable and it is definitely unwise. Whenever we get negative reviews and feedback, we felt so discouraged that we considered quitting a lot of time. But it all changed when understood this I am sharing with you today and decided to make some amends. Imagine if Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Sochiro Honda, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Ford had followed their dream relying on public opinion as a source of motivation. Just imagine!

The greatest driver of any vision is the source. It is its source that sustains it, motivates it and drives it.

So friends, what had been the driver of your vision? We will be looking forward to your comment.

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